New Website and More Conversation

Thank you to everyone, who has been encouraging and conducting “uncomfortable conversations” with me. It has been great to see how diversity and culture have become more commonly considered in the fields of education, learning technologies, and children’s media. This year, I have been working on integrating my posts of Uncomfortable Conversations with those from my other blog Adventures of a Black Woman in Academia. On Adventures, I have been sharing how I am cultivating a healthy and holistic lifestyle while completing my PhD. Rather than continuing to post on two different websites, I have merged their content into one website, Amanda LaTasha.

On Amanda LaTasha, you will find posts in the category “Culture in Kid’s Tech & Pedagogy“, which build on topics from Uncomfortable Conversations and continues the dialogue of diversity and culture in teaching and technology. I also have a category called “Holistic Lifestyle in H.E.” that focuses on the journey of my doctoral program.

In addition to my new website, I have started contributing to Edutopia as a writer. You can read my first article “Building a Supportive Classroom Community in Early Childhood“, which provides early childhood educators recommendations of how to build a safe learning community. As I continue to write more articles, I’ll be sharing them on my social media outlets and Amanda LaTasha.

Each year, it seems that it becomes more apparent how valuable it is to continue having the “uncomfortable conversations” and translating them into actions within our work. I hope you stay connected to me through Amanda LaTasha, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. I believe that community is one of the best ways to learn and I’m glad I’ve been able to build community with you.

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